The Great J-Yo (jumitheklutz) wrote in arted,
The Great J-Yo

the art of communication

Hello! I work at an art museum and we have a program where teachers can rent out suitcases filled with artwork, books, and other resources on a particular subject.

We're hoping to put together a suitcase about communication-related arts; cartoons/comics, zines, posters (propaganda, gig posters etc.), altered books, mail art, murals, etc.

Can anyone recommend any good books or other resources for any of these topics? Preferably something appropriate for K-12, but even stuff appropriate for just the older kids would still be helpful. Even stuff that may not be appropriate for children but would be a good resource for teachers would be helpful.

Thanks! Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions for what you as a teacher would want included if you were to rent something like this, I would love to hear those too!
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