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Report. Workshop ‘Café’. Moscow

This workshop gathered various participants. Those who have been here
before, and those who have never taken part in it.

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Dasha Ona (has art education) has taken part once.

The peculiarities of work in a café:

- to reveal its atmosphere: author’s café or fast food.

It can be expressed in the tableware, table setting, menu, interior.

It’s important to express through your work whether it is comfortable in
this place or not.

I liked the principle of ‘drawing through connections’, ‘tying’ the
objects with each other – it helps to construct the composition at the very

The principle of ‘highlighting’ was clearly explained.

‘Noticing’ distinctive features of a certain object and their revelation in
the drawing was easy to understand.

On the whole – VERY GOOD!


Olga Alekseeva (job is not connected to art) has taken part once.

I perceived the conception of how I can sit and draw what I see.

And how you can get strong expressive drawings with a small number of
means of expression.

I have never actually tried to draw by means of felt-tip pen, but it
appeared to be cool. I will draw!

The revelation of object’s character through the details connected with its
purpose is a very strong moment!


Tanya Polishchuk (has art education) 2nd workshop

It’s more difficult to work in a café then in the city, the situation changes
too fast, you have to keep many things in your head and can’t miss a
thing. Each café has its atmosphere that you need to catch and express
with the help of elementary means.


Kirill Zuykov (no art education) 2nd workshop

When working with the topic ‘Café’ at first we reveal details
characteristic of the place and position them into the center of our
attention. Then we connect them to the foreground and interior.
Similarity with the work with a city is in determining connections
between the foreground and the background. And it’s important here to
choose the main and not to draw everything ).

<tr></tr><td style="text-align: right; font-family: arial,sans-serif; font-size: 11px"> </td>  Альбом: мастер класс Москва


Olga Meteleva (no art education) 3rd workshop

Waiting for the classes on unshaded drawing

Progress is obvious!

I’m almost self-organizing.

If only I could draw like that without you nearby.

Waiting for the classes on spots.

Very good that you came and held the ‘Café’ workshop.

Waiting for some MORE!


Yulya Bolshakova (has art education) 2nd workshop

The peculiarity of drawing in a café is that people are moving here
and the situation changes. But I enjoyed drawing the leftovers after the
meal. A funny idea. And the idea of the ‘traveling line’ is cool, too.

I have never drawn with felt-tip pens before. Interesting.

Actually it’s fascinating to pull out from the bottom something you used
to do in the past.

On the one hand, it’s seems that there’s nothing new in general, but on
the other hand – new techniques. It brings freshness and novelty.

Now more practice and exchange of experience.


Отчет на русском тут
Следующий мастер-класс в Питере 24, 25 и 27, 28 августа

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