Kirstin (thatxsunrise) wrote in arted,

Interview for Art Ed position

So, the school year is about to begin and I'm still without a teaching job for the fall (I work in Marketing and I'm trying to go through an Alternative Certification program).  Suddenly on Thursday I got a call from a school in a more rural area- wanting to interview me on Monday!  I'm working on the normal stuff like thinking about interview questions- Please wish me luck!  The interview is on the 9th and classes start the 19th, so if I get it, things would happen very quickly!

Did you bring any kind of portfolio with you to interviews?  What did you include in it? 

I made one before  my last interview and it included my resume, teaching philosophy, samples of my art work- ceramics, photography, jewelry, and marketing- but it feels like I should add more.  I was thinking of adding sample lesson plans.  Any other ideas?

Also, this is kind of a thinking ahead question- but what do you wear to teach in?  I know in some of the books I've read they talk about wearing their "power suit" for teaching normal subject- but for Art, especially with younger kids- that's very hard!  What kind of things do you end up wearing ? 
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