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behavior management strategies?

Hello All,

This is kind of embarrassing.
I'm a third year art teacher. I've been really frustrated in last 3 weeks because I'm noticing the kids don't seem to respect me or the materials. I things they work towards as a class for good behavior and I follow through with consequences for the more serious offenses (calls home, interem, grade drop and office). But i've noticed when there are lots of materials out its distracting to me and I'm sure they are getting away with stuff. I also feel like I haven't developed that eyes in the back of your head yet because I'll get really into to helping a student and find others playing around or getting into trouble. Individually I'll give a student 2-3 warnings and then remove them from the group (sitting out), they get a second chance and if they can't handle it I call home. As for the group I've even stopped art completely for some classes. I'm probably trying waaay to many strategies but its driving me crazy and clearly what I'm doing is ineffective if they can't be bothered to listen.

What is working for you? I need to come up with some kind of plan for the rest of the year.
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